Die koloniale Herrschaft Frankreichs in Algerien vs. USA in Puerto Rico

Noel Mikayel
2013 unpublished
This masterthesis´s target is about analyzing the forms of colonial rule of their colonies: Throughout this work, the political relationship between the empire and it´s colony are being examined and described, in this case through comparison. Main goal througout this masterthesis is to analyze the development of domination, thoughts and imaginations of the european/ western colonial empires from the beginning to the end, the colonies independence. Mostly, reasons of racism were the very common
more » ... maginations and thoughts of the "white european masters", these thoughts being predominant in the 19th and 20 th century. Puerto Rico, being ruled and bearing the status of a "non- incorprated territory" of the United States of America is being compared with Algeria, being the "crown Jewel" of french colonialism, France, having hold the status of the second biggest colonial empire worldwide. Therefore, by comparing these two colonial systems, hypothesis are to be answered and to establish understanding in relationships between rulers and ruled, both-rulers and ruled- owning different types of cultures and habits: Leadership has always to do with coercion and hegemony- both countries, Puerto Rico as well as Algeria having perceived this fact. Both territories were occupied and ruled by about the same instant of time and were declared as colonies: Racism, punishment, adoption of property as well as oppression were common habitus: the establishment of an artificial administration and the presence of a superstitious foreign military is ought to guarantee a long leadership. However, also after decolonisation, according to the Dependencia.theory, relationships between souvereign and the controlled stay existent.
doi:10.25365/thesis.30936 fatcat:65goxwtl5jgsvbsalctmtjrtri