1-8 An Optimization Technique for the Design of 3-D Hydrofoil Analyzing it by Boundary Element Method

Md. M. Karim, Md. Mashud Karim, Mitsuhisa Ikehata
1999 Proceedings of The Kansai Society of Naval Architects  
A genetic algorithm (GA) based optimization technique is used in combination with boundary element method. Firstly, the boundary etement method is applied to analyze the hydrofoil for a wide range of angles of attack, aspect ratios, and maximum camber and thickness ratios assuming that the thickness and camber distributions of hydrofoil section are given. Then the lift, drag and ether parameters involved in the imposed constraints are approximated by the seconddegree polynomial functions
more » ... of attack, aspect ratio and maximum camber and thickness ratios. The coefficients ofthesc polynomials are solved by the method of least squares using the infbrmation provided by the analysis method. The eptimization algorithm is then used te search for an improved geometry ofthe hydrofoil of minimum drag satisfying all ofthe speeified requirements.
doi:10.14856/kansaikoron.13.0_17 fatcat:hrdu3x2povgvrgtz6lgok27td4