Male meiosis in some grasses of the tribe paniceae II. Genus panicum from north-eastern india

P. N. Mehra, J. D. Chaudhary
Panicum is the largest genus of the tribe Paniceae and one of the biggest genera in the family Gramineae, represented by more than 500 species . A majority of the economically important grasses in the genus constitute millets and are extensively cultivated. In India this genus is represented by 29 species (Majumdar 1972) . Most of the Indian species are indigenous , whereas a few others are introduced. Presently 13 species of the genus have been studied for their detailed meiotic be haviour from North-Eastern India .
doi:10.1508/cytologia.46.685 fatcat:g3lt3xjo6bbcjdhs3uhx2mrwrq