Oenothera Biennis Extract as Reducing Agent for the Synthesis of Pd NPs Supported on Halloysite Functionalized With Schiff Base: an Efficient Catalyst for Cu- and Ligand-free Sonogashira Reaction in Aqueous Media [post]

Mansoureh Daraie, Majid Heravi, Yalda Rangraz, Zahra Besharati
2021 unpublished
A hybrid system was designed and synthesized through reacting modified halloysite (Hal-Cl) with Schiff base (DAB-PC) and applied as catalytic support for anchoring Pd NPs to afford Pd@Hal-DAB-PC catalyst. The resultant material was well identified by various analyses including FT-IR, XRD, TGA, FE-SEM, and EDS, and revealed outstanding catalytic activity in the Sonogashira reaction in aqueous media. Also, This nanocatalyst was simply collected and recycled up to six runs with a slight drop of
more » ... a slight drop of the efficiency, indicating the durability of Pd@Hal-DAB-PC.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-124850/v1 fatcat:jy2pwnoipnavbgyyq777fz72by