Austria-Hungary and the Origins of the First World War [book]

Samuel R. Williamson
This series oj specially commissioned titles jocuses attention on significant and often controversial events and themes oj world history in the present century. Each book provides sufficient narrative and explanation jor the newcomer to the subject while offering, jor more advanced study, detailed source-references and bibliographies, together with interpretation and reassessment in the light oj recent scholarship. In the choice oj subjects there is a balance between breadth in some spheres and
more » ... detail in others; between the essentially political and matters economic or social. The series cannot be a comprehensive account oj everything that has happened in the twentieth century, but it provides a guide to recent research and explains something oj the times oj extraordinary change and complexity in which we live. It is directed in the main to students oj contemporary history and international relations, but includes titles which are oj direct relevance to courses in economics, sociology, politics and geography.
doi:10.1007/978-1-349-21163-0 fatcat:gjujtj42l5gqvpq5cbvz7bgxku