Uncovering the critical impact of the solid electrolyte interphase structure on the interfacial stability

Zhenglin Hu, Chen Wang, Chao Wang, Bingbing Chen, Chunpeng Yang, Shanmu Dong, Guanglei Cui
2021 InfoMat  
Solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) plays a critical role in determining the interfacial stability, which in turn impacts the plating/stripping process of the lithium metal anode. Substantial research has been focused on the composition of SEI and its contribution to the interfacial stability. Herein, we illustrate the significance of SEI structure, in a comprehensive comparison of a diluted electrolyte (1 M LiTFSI-PC) and a super-concentrated electrolyte (8 M LiTFSI-PC).
doi:10.1002/inf2.12249 fatcat:wimmlvqnife7vlxn4hiucuxxw4