Robust PolInSAR optimal interferogram estimation method based on generalized scattering vector

2017 Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics  
For the polarimetric synthetic aperture radar interferometry (PolInSAR) processing, it is necessary to coregister all the images, including the coregistration of polarimetric SAR images and the coregistration of interferometric SAR images. Otherwise, the performance of the estimated optimal interferograms will be deteriorated. A generalized scattering vector (GSV) model is proposed to execute the PolInSAR optimal interferograms estimation. The generalized scattering vector is constructed by the
more » ... Pauli scattering vectors of the processing pixel and the surrounding pixels. Even though there are coregistration errors, all the polarimetric information of the current processing pixel is entirely included in the generalized scattering vector. Therefore, the GSV-based method can automatically recover the optimal scattering mechanisms of the processing pixel with coregistration errors either in interferoemetric channels or polarimetric channels. Theoretical analysis and processing results of simulated PolSARPro data and real PALSAR data validate the effectiveness and correctness of the proposed method.
doi:10.21629/jsee.2017.03.06 fatcat:fljis7tap5hgdchtvskqpq6w7m