Promoting College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Subject Competition

Yulan Zhao
2016 Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Social Network, Communication and Education (SNCE 2016)   unpublished
With the continuous development of the city, the education of college students is constantly improving. In the process of College Students' learning, for students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability training, For the real society, it is a more realistic problem in the process of training innovative entrepreneurial ability and related subjects, then gradually do the related scientific limited plan. The cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial ability of the subject competition is to
more » ... ompetition is to exercise ability through the related subject. This kind of form of ability training is the construction of innovation and Entrepreneurship from three aspects of the content of the subject contest, the form of the subject competition, and the composition of the subject competition. In the process of these subject competition, it is based on the relevant subject knowledge as the foundation of the competition, and then through the mode of competition to cultivate students' ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the relevant competition organization, there should be institutionalized, standardized rules to show, so as to effectively ensure the college students' ability of innovate and entrepreneurship to have a greater degree of improvement. In this paper, enhance the related analysis and research on the academic competition to promote the innovation and entrepreneurial ability of college students.
doi:10.2991/snce-16.2016.44 fatcat:pdsoqkgpdbgd3ksb7cby776eea