1916 Journal of the American Medical Association  
microscopie changes in this group of affections is by no means pathognomonic, in the same sense that the histopathology of lichen planus is pathognomonic, for the various pathologic alterations peculiar to parapso¬ riasis may also obtain in many other cutaneous dis¬ eases, or may at least play a minor part in the general morbid process of other dermatoses. A diagnosis of parapsoriasis based on the microscopic findings alone is considered to be, as pointed out by Arndt, a rather uncertain
more » ... er uncertain procedure, and should be made with circum¬ spection. Such a diagnosis is fully justified, however, when the clinical and histologie data are considered side by side and are correlated to one another, as was done in the present instance. 24 West Fifty-Ninth Street. ABSTRACT OF DISCUSSION Dr. Oliver S. Ormsby, Chicago : I have seen a number of these cases and think the classification of Brocq is correct from a clinical standpoint. We see cases with small lesions and others of the large, flat variety, and while it seems rather odd that lesions apparently so different should be classed together, yet, as Dr. Wise pointed out, they are histologically the same. In one of my cases three distinct classes of lesions
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