Любов Петрівна Хмелевська
2019 Bulletin of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design Series Economic sciences  
This paper discusses the challenging issues of economic transformation processes and the government integration into the system of international labour division in the context of enhancing the competitiveness of national manufacturers. The multidimensional character of the above agenda in terms of increasing competition, instability of social and political factors, structural transformation of the global industrial system, the internationalization of business activities, etc. complicates the
more » ... complicates the process of managerial decision-making and nudges companies to search for new methods of combining their efforts and capacities and enhance cooperation to survive or to gain market leadership. The research findings suggest that cluster-based cooperation of enterprises triggers a range of multiple effects, i. e. strategic, synergistic, innovative, economic, etc. These effects occur at different levels – the level of a certain unit, project, business entity, cluster or the national economy overall. To evaluate the impact of joint cluster-based activity of enterprises it is critical to take into consideration the following factors: long-term development factors consistency, redistribution of risks between partners, exchange of specific assets, production strategy balance and coordination, consolidation of financial assets. It is argued that the efficiency analysis should rely on the comparison of various characteristics of the two variants of participating companies' development: they enjoy either full autonomy or act within the partnership framework. To study the practice of domestic integrated structures it is important to account for the financial recovery capacity of partners as well as their social efficiency components, to differentiate the planning horizon, focus on specific assets, i. e. the elements of potential synergy.
doi:10.30857/2413-0117.2018.3.8 fatcat:ehtyru6pbfhcbc5gczk4sbp43e