's Brood: Continuities of the Baroque in Spanish and

Dorothy Severin, Roberto Gonzdlez, Echevarria Celestina
Sempronio and Sosia; and finally Ann Firbank as mother Alisa and Sebastian Harcombe as father Pleberio. Moggie Douglas' set is spare but effective with blue sky and a moon lighting a gabled structure over a bed which will serve as house and tower; one door frame and another tower structure stand in the opposite corners. The British cast and director prove yet again that the best productions of this classic are not, alas, to be found in the country of origin (Spain). Finally, I must declare an
more » ... I must declare an interest: I found my bilingual Mabbe-Spanish edition on sale in the' foyer, although with such a splendid production of Celestina on offer, there was no need to capture my benevolence any further.