Open Archive TOULOUSE Archive Ouverte (OATAO) Blind Model-Based Fusion of Multi-band and Panchromatic Images*

Wei, Qi, Bioucas-Dias, José And Dobigeon, Nicolas, Jean-Yves Godsill, Simon, Qi Wei, José Bioucas-Dias, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Simon Godsill
2016 IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI 2016)   unpublished
OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. This is an author-deposited version published in : Eprints ID : 18782 The contribution was presented at MFI 2016 : Abstract-This paper proposes a blind model-based fusion method to combine a low-spatial resolution multi-band image and a high-spatial resolution panchromatic image. This method is blind in the sense that the
more » ... sense that the spatial and spectral responses in the degradation model are unknown and estimated from the observed data pair. The Gaussian and total variation priors have been used to regularize the ill-posed fusion problem. The formulated optimization problem associated with the image fusion can be attacked efficiently using a recently developed robust multi-band image fusion algorithm in [1]. Experimental results including qualitative and quantitative ones show that the fused image can combine the spectral information from the multi-band image and the high spatial resolution information from the panchromatic image effectively with very competitive computational time.