Implementation of Chopped-Fiber Composite Material as Hot-Gas Nozzle Insulation

Hossam Kamal, Obour Institutes
2018 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
This work represents a complete practical project for the thermal insulation of hot-gas nozzles using chopped fiber composites. It starts with the selection of the insulation material from the available on-the-shelf material combinations, where four materials are available and it is required which one should be used. This is done using mechanical and thermal characterization of materials. Then, a computational work is performed to determine the working conditions of the nozzle by solving the
more » ... zle flow. Another computational work is done to optimize the insulation thickness using finite element thermostructural analysis. After that, the nozzle prototype is manufactured with thermal probe-holes to verify the calculations.
doi:10.17577/ijertv7is090040 fatcat:ybomyzoetbhujmotym33yor7zi