Genetic diversity of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus isolates based on the partial coat protein gene

H Maghamnia, M Hajizadeh, A Azizi
In order to study phylogenetic analysis, genetic diversity and the effect of selection forces on partial coat protein (CP) of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus isolates, seven isolates B10, B21, B22, H7, W5, Z3 and Z14 were collected from several hosts in west of Iran. The sequences of the partial CP gene were compared with 64 isolates retrieved from the GenBank. Phylogenetic tree were constructed based on 432 nucleotides of CP gene in MEGA6 software and estimation of genetic diversity and selection
more » ... rsity and selection forces were performed in DnaSP v.5.10.05. Sequence analysis revealed that our isolates shared 86-100 % nucleotide identity with each other and 85-99 % with Iranian isolates. In phylogenetic analysis, isolates B10, B21, B22, H7, Z3 were placed into European and Iranian group whereas, W5 and Z14 were placed in distinct group with east isolates. These results indicated the existence of two different lineages of the ZYMV isolates in Iran. No recombination events were detected in this part of ZYMV-CP.