A Viability Study for Implementing Monorail as a Transit System for Urban Arterial Road: A Case Study of Ahmedabad

Rewati Marathe
The aim of this study is to investigate an novel mode of transportation from Sarkhej Circle Ahmedabad to Pathika Gandhinagar i.e. arterial road and how this system will be viable to four basic criteria: Technically, Economically, safety and Ecofriendly. This study gives modern concepts of a single rail serving as a track for passenger or freight vehicles, gives information about land use and public transportation planning, speed and movement. Monorail vehicles havebenefited from modern transit
more » ... rom modern transit technology.The purpose of this Study is to investigate the viability of monorail as a new urban transit option along a corridor under study of section Sarkhej circle to Gandhinagar. The study is to determine that ―Monorail‖ a fixed guideway technology known ―Automated Guideway Transit‖ be a sustainable transport system which provide mobility and accessibility to all urban residents in a safe and environment friendly mode of transport. One alternative with the development of modern public transport system is monorail. A monorail as public transport very helpful for people in their daily activities also reduces the use of private vehicles and to reduce environmental pollution i.e. ecofriendly.
doi:10.29007/gbh7 fatcat:paqit4samrbqvpoocp74ieymsy