A Case of Tongue Base Osteoma
혀에 발생한 골종 1예

Chul Ho Park, Hyun Jun Shim, Sun Myung Choi, Sang Won Yoon
2007 Journal of Clinical Otolaryngology  
Osteomas are benign bony lesions characterized by bony excrescences, and usually originating in membranous bones. In the territory of head and neck, they occur most frequently in the paranasal sinus, maxilla and mandible. But, osteomas of tongue are uncommon bony tumors, and there have been few previous reports of osteomas originating from tongue. They are usually seen on the posteior third of tongue or the vicinity to foramen cecum and circumvallate papillae. It has been postulated that they
more » ... ise from branchial arch remnant or undescended thyroid tissue, and reactive lesion after trauma or irritation. This case report describes a clinically bony hard mass that occurred on the base of the tongue. Recurrence has not been reported following surgical resection. The authors report this case with review of the literature. (J Clinical Otolaryngol 2007;18: 257-260) KEY WORDS:Osteoma·Tongue.
doi:10.35420/jcohns.2007.18.2.257 fatcat:o5brrp47znhnrkccllpr6sjw4m