Ignition Condition of a Stagnation Premixed Flow Impinging on a Heated Surface

Hiroyuki IIZUKA, Kazunori KUWANA, Tomohiko IMAMURA
Bulletin of Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering  
Insights into ignition of a premixed flow impinging on a hot surface are important from a fire-safety point of view. This paper theoretically discusses the critical conditions for ignition of a stagnation flow near a surface heated at a constant power. A one-dimensional, diffusive-thermal model is developed, and a shooting method is used to numerically obtain a steady-state solution for a given heat flux at the solid surface. It is found that there are three solution branches when the heat flux
more » ... is within a certain range. The upper branch corresponds to a gas-phase combustion solution, and the lower branch to an extinguished solution, whereas the middle branch to a solution with weak (but not negligible) reaction. When the heat flux exceeds the upper limit of the three-branch range, there exists only the upper solution, meaning that ignition always occurs. The result indicates that there is the critical heat flux for ignition, agreeing with previous experimental observations. Asymptotic analysis is additionally conducted to analytically obtain the critical condition for ignition. * 1 山形大学 (〒 992-8510 山形県米沢市城南 4-3-16) * 2 公立諏訪東京理科大学 (〒 391-0292 長野県茅野市豊平 5000-1)
doi:10.11196/kasai.70.1_1 fatcat:nnlm4cvo7bhghlaxlyw4fvuwwa