Probing the perturbative dynamics of exclusive meson pair production

L.A. Harland-Lang, V.A. Khoze, M.G. Ryskin, W.J. Stirling
2013 Physics Letters B  
We present the results of a recent novel application of the 'hard exclusive' perturbative formalism to the process gg --> MMbar at large angles, where M (Mbar) is a light meson (anti-meson). As well as discussing the important theoretical features of the relevant leading-order gg --> qqbar(gg) qqbar(gg) 6-parton amplitudes, we also comment on their phenomenological implications. In particular, we consider the central exclusive production of meson pairs at comparatively large transverse momentum
more » ... k_t, which is expected to proceed via this mechanism. We show that this leads to various non-trivial predictions for a range of exclusive processes, and that the cross sections for the eta' and eta mesons display significant sensitivity to any valence gg component of the meson wavefunctions.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2013.07.022 fatcat:xnh2vztkifeebaw2m74cphnhh4