MADET: A Manually Curated Knowledgebase for Microbiomic Effects on Efficacy and Toxicity of Anticancer Treatments [article]

Jie Zhang, Xiqian Chen, Jiaxin Zou, Chen Li, Wanying Kang, Yang Guo, Sheng Liu, Wenjing Zhao, Xiangyu Mou, Jiayuan Huang, Jia Ke
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
A plethora of studies have reported the associations between microbiota and multiple diseases, leading to at least four databases to demonstrate microbiota-disease associations, i.e., gutMDisorder, mBodyMap, GMrepo and Amadis. Moreover, gut microbiota also mediates drug efficacy and toxicity, whereas a comprehensive database to elucidate the microbiota-drug associations is lacking. Here we report an open-access knowledgebase, MADET (Microbiomics of Anticancer Drug Efficacy and Toxicity), which
more » ... arbors 453 manually annotated microbiota-drug associations from 24 papers. MADET provides user-friendly functions allowing users to freely browse, search, and download the data conveniently from the database. Users can customize their search filters in MADET using different types of keywords, including bacterial name (e.g., Akkermansia muciniphila), anticancer treatment (e.g., anti-PD-1 therapy) or cancer type (e.g., lung cancer) with different types of experimental evidence of microbiota-drug association and causation. We have also enabled user submission to further enrich the data document in MADET. The MADET database is freely available at We anticipate that MADET will serve as a useful resource for a better understanding of the microbiota-drug associations and facilitate the future development of novel biomarkers and live biotherapeutic products for anticancer therapies.
doi:10.1101/2022.05.23.493174 fatcat:vb76bukp7naltcpnncu3dgfcoe