Structures based on elliptical arcs in the problems of designing trajectories and creating mechanical systems

Tetiana Labutkina
2021 International Scientific and Technical conference "The Progressive Technics, Technology and Engineering Education"  
Abstract. An experimental study of the strain of a rectilinear segment of a pipeline Du 200 made of steel 20 under cyclic loading by internal pressure was carry out. The tests were performed on a pneumohydraulic stand under conditions of flat stress, normal temperatures, and load cycle asymmetry with registration of circular and axial elastic-plastic strain. The aim of the work was to test an experimental technique for studying the effect of ratcheting (unilateral accumulation of plastic
more » ... tions) on real structural elements when changing the modes of cyclic loading. According to the results of the study, curves of cyclic deformation (ratcheting) of the pipe in the circular and axial direction on the basis 100 cycles were obtained.
doi:10.20535/2409-7160.2021.xxii.241227 fatcat:7wjmurxsm5a4joqtjkynbrspmq