Sleep disturbances in schizophrenia spectrum and bipolar disorders – a transdiagnostic perspective

Jannicke Fjæra Laskemoen, Carmen Simonsen, Camilla Büchmann, Elizabeth Ann Barrett, Thomas Bjella, Trine Vik Lagerberg, Trude Jahr Iversen, Ole A. Andreassen, Ingrid Melle, Monica Aas
2019 Comprehensive Psychiatry  
Sleep disturbances, including insomnia, hypersomnia and delayed sleep phase, are frequent in SCZ and BD, and associated with more severe clinical symptomatology across diagnostic groups. This suggests that sleep disturbance is a clinically relevant transdiagnostic phenomenon.
doi:10.1016/j.comppsych.2019.02.006 pmid:30856497 fatcat:hp5s6nqndrdvhd22jw2dlgfeyy