Fair and Green Hyperparameter Optimization via Multi-objective and Multiple Information Source Bayesian Optimization [article]

Antonio Candelieri, Andrea Ponti, Francesco Archetti
2022 arXiv   pre-print
There is a consensus that focusing only on accuracy in searching for optimal machine learning models amplifies biases contained in the data, leading to unfair predictions and decision supports. Recently, multi-objective hyperparameter optimization has been proposed to search for machine learning models which offer equally Pareto-efficient trade-offs between accuracy and fairness. Although these approaches proved to be more versatile than fairness-aware machine learning algorithms -- which
more » ... ze accuracy constrained to some threshold on fairness -- they could drastically increase the energy consumption in the case of large datasets. In this paper we propose FanG-HPO, a Fair and Green Hyperparameter Optimization (HPO) approach based on both multi-objective and multiple information source Bayesian optimization. FanG-HPO uses subsets of the large dataset (aka information sources) to obtain cheap approximations of both accuracy and fairness, and multi-objective Bayesian Optimization to efficiently identify Pareto-efficient machine learning models. Experiments consider two benchmark (fairness) datasets and two machine learning algorithms (XGBoost and Multi-Layer Perceptron), and provide an assessment of FanG-HPO against both fairness-aware machine learning algorithms and hyperparameter optimization via a multi-objective single-source optimization algorithm in BoTorch, a state-of-the-art platform for Bayesian Optimization.
arXiv:2205.08835v1 fatcat:qkimsbxm3fd4ph5nzss7kcjgam