Classical biological control: should we stop or continue?

Natalia Belyakova, Yulia Polikarpova, Y. Tokarev, V. Glupov
2020 BIO Web of Conferences  
Real contribution of classical biological control (CBC) in the practice of plant protection might be estimated as essential. In Russia, the finest example of a successful CBC agent is Cryptolaemus montrouzieri t, which established population was found in Sochi. The population is adapted for development at low temperatures. Speed up of development rate was noted as positively correlated response on natural selection in cold resistant population of C.montrouzieri. Natural selection can increase
more » ... e efficiency of introduced species, as well as the prospects for using these positive changes in their breeding technologies. The pros and cons of using CBC are discussed. Restriction of CBC limits the control of invaders, which spread is promoted by globalization and climate change.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20201800003 fatcat:mce6a5sbmndadhewjin3huchoy