Similarity Comparisons of SARS-CoV-2 Samples between Wuhan and G20 [post]

Zhenhui Wang, Mu Qiao, Jeffrey Zheng
2020 unpublished
To analyze SARS CoV-2 genomes, this paper uses a viral genome collected in Wuhan as a basic sequence to select a set of genomes from G20 countries/regions for comparison. Two methods are applied in visualization followed in the A1 and C1 modules of the MAS to provide 1D similarity projection and information entropy approaches. For a pair of two genomes segmented as M segments to calculate base differences corresponding to each segment, a measuring vector can be generated to be projected as a
more » ... e projected as a visual map. Refined information will be provided to calculate the information entropy corresponding to base differences. This provides quantitative measures to organize these genomes arranged into a linear order. The first method uses a line chart representation to illustrate relevant differences among genomes 1 by 1 between Wuhan and other regions. The second method uses a histogram representation to observe the information entropy projection results. Significant similarities are observed among the differences with approximately equal entropies with higher similarity. Based on the comparison of gene sequence diagrams between Wuhan and various regions, a difference analysis was carried out.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:6rem4ckvbbe45hzp2b7v2qrkgq