Total War System and Youth Culture in East Asia Looking at 20th Century Culture from the Changes of Mobilization Mode

Takumasa Senno
2021 Global Journal of Human-Social Science  
In recent years, the relations between the governments of Japan, China and South Korea have been very tense. The Chinese government often sends military aircraft or warships to the Senkaku Islands (the Diaoyu Islands), and the South Korean government stationed its troops on Takeshima (Dokdo). Their domestic media also reported daily on Japan's right-leaning. An atmosphere of opposition to Japan is slowly brewing in the societies of the two countries. The media in Japan also daily report the
more » ... space and territorial water violations" of Chinese military aircraft and warships, as well as anti-Japanese trends in China and South Korea. The societies of the three countries are slowly permeating an atmosphere of mutual hatred. It seems that the entire East Asia lies in a vortex of opposition. In a sense, the government's declaration and media reports, as well as the dissemination of literature and art, are all modes of mobilizing the public. But looking at the current situation in East Asia, the results of the two mobilizations are completely opposite. Behind it are mobilization changes.
doi:10.34257/gjhsscvol21is5pg21 fatcat:qgao7jmjsra6rgjqxd76pt2le4