Solubility Diagrams for Explaining Zone Sequences in Bauxite, Kaolin and Pyrophyllite-Diaspore Deposits

Yoshiro Tsuzuki
1976 Clays and clay minerals  
Solubility diagrams defined by log [A13 +] and log [H,SiO,] are given for hydrous alumina or aluminum silicate minerals which appear in bauxite, kaolin and pyrophyllite<liapore deposits. They are constructed based on thermodynamic data of relevant reactions both at the room temperature and at elevated temperatures. An aqueous solution reacts to a mineral, in this case K-feldspar, and, by dissolving it, becomes saturated with respect to a certain mineral. This mineral begins to be precipitated
more » ... o be precipitated and the solution changes its composition as a result of the precipitation as well as further dissolution of the original mineral. Then, it attains saturation with respect to another mineral, which is precipitated thereafter. Thus, different minerals are precipitated in turn. The sequences of precipitation of minerals can be shown on the diagrams under different conditions. A sequence, aluminum hydroxide ~ kaolinite or pyrophyllite---} silica mineral plus kaolinite or pyrophyllite is expected in a weakly acid solution. In contrast, a sequence, silica mineral----} silica mineral plus kaolinite or pyrophyllite is expected in a strongly acid solution. The possibility of application of the sequence of precipitation thus expected to alteration zoning is also discussed.
doi:10.1346/ccmn.1976.0240605 fatcat:gvduhqyp3nd6pa6ja4by2uki6u