Innovation on "Software Engineering" Under Engineering Education Professional Certification

Donghong Shan
2020 Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies  
It's well-known that the purpose of engineering education professional certification is to provide preparatory education quality assurance for relevant engineering and technical personnel to enter the industry. Its main task is to achieve the goal of professional training, advocating the teaching mode and teaching scheme of reverse design course. Under the background of engineering education certification, the teaching team has carried out the reform from four aspects combining with the
more » ... ng with the characteristics of software engineering course. First of all, focus on the teaching objectives of engineering education certification, strengthen the construction of course content and resources, strengthen the cooperation with industry and enterprises, and increase the teaching content of enterprises; the second is to improve the teaching design, design the teaching content of software engineering course as a teaching task that is suitable for the teaching objectives, and decompose the knowledge points of the course into the project tasks; the third is to adopt diversified teaching methods, introduce micro class and flipped classroom teaching, at the same time, strengthen the practical teaching, enhance the ability of document description and graphic design practice; The fourth is to improve the evaluation mechanism, and use the way of achieving the curriculum objectives to evaluate the course, so as to make teaching more effective, learning feedback is more intuitive and easy to make continuous improvement in the later stage. The results show that the content of class-teaching and engineering practice has been enriched and improved, simultaneously, diversified teaching methods with process teaching evaluation has greatly promoted students' ability of study independently and engineering practice, and effectively improved the achievement of graduation requirements of engineering education in software engineering specialty.
doi:10.11648/j.tecs.20200503.20 fatcat:jby47dxdmvaoroycuve5haikve