Some Model Transformation Approaches: a Qualitative Critical Review

May Dehayni, May Dehayni, Kablan Barbar, Ali Awada, Mohamad Smaili
2009 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
Model-to-model transformation is a critical activity in Model Driven Engineering. In this paper, we will classify the existing model transformation approaches and propose a set of criteria characterizing different approaches. We will discuss the criteria according to their transformation expressivity power and implementation and parsing strategy techniques. We have proposed in a system for the transformation [1] of information system models based on the formalism of attribute grammars. This
more » ... grammars. This formalism has been developed by Knuth for the specification and implementation of static semantic aspects of [2,3] programming languages. Since then, it has matured into a recognized field of study with many applications. The goal of this contribution is to guide the model transformer when it comes to undertaking a [4,5] transformation, while taking into account some existing facilities and constraints.