Synthesis, structure and reactions of a trianion equivalent, trilithiostannane

Tomoyuki Tajima, Masatoshi Ikeda, Masaichi Saito, Kazuya Ishimura, Shigeru Nagase
2008 Chemical Communications  
Experimental General Procedure. All reactions were carried out under an argon atmosphere. THF, diethyl ether and THF-d 8 used in the synthesis or NMR analyses were distilled from sodium benzophenone ketyl under an argon atmosphere followed by redistillation from potassium mirror using trap-to-trap technique. 1 H (400 MHz), 13 C (101 MHz), 7 Li (156 MHz) and 119 Sn (149 MHz) spectra were recorded on a Bruker DPX-400 or a DRX-400 spectrometer. 1 H and 13 C NMR chemical shifts were recorded in ppm
more » ... relative to tetramethylsilane (0 ppm) and were referenced internally with respect to the residual proton impurity (CDCl 3 : 7.25 ppm, C 6 D 6 : 7.15 ppm THF-d 8 : 1.73 ppm) and the 13 C resonance of the solvent (CDCl 3 : 77.0 ppm, C 6 D 6 : 128.0 ppm THF-d 8 : 67.4 ppm), respectively. The multiplicities of signals in 13 C NMR are given in parentheses. 7 Li NMR chemical shifts were referenced with lithium chloride (δ = 0 ppm) as an external Supplementary Material (ESI)
doi:10.1039/b815371j pmid:19057757 fatcat:p2vp2embjvenji3ipgepphkyum