Hi-D: nanoscale mapping of nuclear dynamics in single living cells

Haitham A. Shaban, Roman Barth, Ludmila Recoules, Kerstin Bystricky
2020 Genome Biology  
Bulk chromatin motion has not been analyzed at high resolution. We present Hi-D, a method to quantitatively map dynamics of chromatin and abundant nuclear proteins for every pixel simultaneously over the entire nucleus from fluorescence image series. Hi-D combines reconstruction of chromatin motion and classification of local diffusion processes by Bayesian inference. We show that DNA dynamics in the nuclear interior are spatially partitioned into 0.3-3-μm domains in a mosaic-like pattern,
more » ... pled from chromatin compaction. This pattern was remodeled in response to transcriptional activity. Hi-D can be applied to any dense and bulk structures opening new perspectives towards understanding motion of nuclear molecules.
doi:10.1186/s13059-020-02002-6 pmid:32312289 fatcat:lbsrtxoyybe7fojptdpyxvfsn4