Response Yield And Some Growth Parameters of Bread Wheat to Nano And Nitrogen Fertilizers

Mohammed Hussain, University of Duhok, Omer Omer, Hogir Mohammed, University of Duhok, University of Duhok
2021 The Journal of The University of Duhok  
The experiment was conducted to evaluate the influence of Nano and nitrogen fertilizers on grain yield and some growth parameters of bread wheat. The field experiment was carried out at the farm of field crop department, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok. The experimental units included of Nano fertilizer and four levels of nitrogen fertilizer (0, 20, 30 and 40 Kg ha -1 ). Each experimental units consisted of four rows for each varieties. The data analyzed
more » ... ng to factorial experiment in randomize block design with three replications. Results indicated that the significant response is obvious due to varieties, Holler variety was superior in leaf area (60.98cm 2 ), number of grain spike -1 (49.46) and spike length (11.05cm), while the nitrogen application exhibited a significant effect at nitrogen levels on all studied characters and the highest values for leaf area (64.65cm 2 ), total grain yield (5.0635 ton/ha) and 1000 grain yield (32.75gm) was recorded at rate 40 Kg ha -1 . For the interaction between Nano, nitrogen fertilizers and wheat varieties, the results indicated that the maximum values were recorded by Holler variety and 40 Kg ha -1 of nitrogen fertilizer, indicating that positive influence of nitrogen and Nano-fertilizer on yield, some growth parameters and grain yield were related to better performance of variety. For variation in agronomic efficiency (AE), the maximum value was recorded by Holler variety and also the results exhibited the highest value for grain yield response index (GYRI). The Holler cultivar was more than Adana-99 and the values ranged 15% to 36% compare with 7% to 16% for Adana-99.
doi:10.26682/ajuod.2021.24.1.7 fatcat:ywclvtugtfam3pu54k3wgqltu4