A Comprehensive Technological Survey on the Dependable Self-Management CPS: From Self-Adaptive Architecture to Self-Management Strategies

Peng Zhou, Decheng Zuo, Kun Hou, Zhan Zhang, Jian Dong, Jianjin Li, Haiying Zhou
2019 Sensors  
Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) has been a popular research area in the last decade. The dependability of CPS is still a critical issue, and few surveys have been published in this domain. CPS is a dynamic complex system, which involves various multidisciplinary technologies. To avoid human errors and to simplify management, self-management CPS (SCPS) is a wise choice. To achieve dependable self-management, systematic solutions are necessary to verify the design and to guarantee the safety of
more » ... adaptation decisions, as well as to maintain the health of SCPS. This survey first recalls the concepts of dependability, and proposes a generic environment-in-loop processing flow of self-management CPS, and then analyzes the error sources and challenges of self-management through the formal feedback flow. Focusing on reducing the complexity, we first survey the self-adaptive architecture approaches and applied dependability means, then we introduce a hybrid multi-role self-adaptive architecture, and discuss the supporting technologies for dependable self-management at the architecture level. Focus on dependable environment-centered adaptation, we investigate the verification and validation (V&V) methods for making safe self-adaptation decision and the solutions for processing decision dependably. For system-centered adaptation, the comprehensive self-healing methods are summarized. Finally, we analyze the missing pieces of the technology puzzle and the future directions. In this survey, the technical trends for dependable CPS design and maintenance are discussed, an all-in-one solution is proposed to integrate these technologies and build a dependable organic SCPS. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive survey on dependable SCPS building and evaluation.
doi:10.3390/s19051033 fatcat:v7z7lq2manbchd2nhfl7fs2bwy