Array analysis of regional Pn and Pg wavefields from the Nevada Test Site [report]

M.A. Leonard
1991 unpublished
The United States Deparunent of Energy has the right to use this thesis for any purpose whatsoever, including the right to reproduce all or any part thereof. ' .. vii Seven. years Now Hence Once upon a mid.n.icJht clreary, wh.iLe 1. pond.ered., weak and. weary, Over many a quai.nt and. cu.ri.ous votume of set.smoC.oc}ic l.ore -As 1. sat, my attenti.on wand.ered., my brai.n bemused., my tho"'jh.ts soon pondered The sweatshi.rt 1. had thclt d.a.y wund.ered., a.nd. the symbot tha.t i.t bore; f'or
more » ... a.t i.t bore; f'or i.n btue amt go[.d nostatgic wa.s "CAL", my ClCma mater dea.r of yore. 1.t wa.s a sweatshi.rt 1. often wore. An, ctisti.nctLy 1. remember U was m the bt.eca Septem&u: Of many 1. was just one m.embu, the fi.rst-year studm.ts of '84. Not a foot 1. stayed. i.n schoot, the "h..D. a preci.ous jeweL; A trea.surect Cjem burie4 cteep wi.thi.n a ore. twas youflq, but not forever. How l.onq, how l.onq to cti.g the ore? o years c!own, just 7 more. PresentLy my 9rew stroncJer; hesi.tati.ncJ then no l.onqer, 'Lane', said 1., 'or 'Tom, your attenti.on, 1. i.mpl.ore'; for the fact is twas [earni.nq, my ~ntCIC souL wi.thi.n ~ burni.ncJ, Newfound f\.nowleclqe 1. was yearni.nq, noveL concepts to expl.ore -Deep 1. too~ through many c!oors. Now at[ these smarts are amt d.a.My;" waves 1. am very h.a.mty; S waves 1. am often ramty, but i.n gra.ct ti.fe there is so~thi.ncJ more. t sp~, of course, of fri.emts befri.enctect; ti.~ together spent so sptend.i.ct; 'Ti.mes 1. wish had never enctect, but ti.mes by now thclt are no more -1.'eL ho[.d these dea.r forever more. t wri.te these ti.nes, seven years now hence, to c!o for ~ th.a.t wh.ich makes sense; 'To t& my fri.emts, no pretense, thei.r company 1. cti.ct a.ctore. fle'ji.nni.ncJ now t'eL get speci.fic; 1.'eL sp~ of fri.enc!s 1. found terri.fic, peace to those 1. fOUM paciJic, not one of them a si.ncJLe borenuch 1. shoute! have said before. Lofl.'J ago was ,oh.nny Smi.ener, nary a gent youteL fi.nd. much. fi.ner; 11.y of otct f1.i.nt's Di.ner -barbecue ribs, ~ more. AM Dan the nan, who tikect to putt; 2 am aM putt, putt, putt; putti.fl.'J i.n aM out the ctoor. Loc*. out there Dan! un-oh, Fore! Dave woute! rareLy miss a cp~, ("ROLtX was worcty na~), .AM 1. am sureLy gta.ct 1. ca~ to f\.now him amt the smile he wore . .AM 'onn was such a fri.enctty type, so catm aM coot, so tittLe hype; for ~ he was an archetype, his feet p£aced. fi.rmLy on the ftoor shoes on them he wore: viii .Ann "'i.n-patrick. -so mum fun, CJotfi119 in the noonday sun, Raftinq down a rWu nm, &owUncJ when our brains wen son~. lVas 1'nd a friend? 1he answer yes; we 'JOt the bomb from NTS; t miss hi.m too, t must confess, his manner, and a CJooct c:(.eQ( more. Our time i.n R.u.&y VQ(!.ey is a t stiLL for. PhiL t met i.n '83 -a qeni.a£ ~i.ndhea.rt.ect ma.n WCIS he, That sadd.enect t was when he (.eft this p[ace, clriftect to the ...tussie snore. Don, t'm CJta4, si.ts by my side, and Cove for fri.encf.s he does not hw, .And neither does his [ovety brw, the brw t ~now he does adore -She'eL be farevet"' more. Joel's a friend wno ~nows no fear, a man yet ljentLe, ~i.nd, si.ncere; Soon to wed. Stacey, t wish them tove forever more. Jay and t beqan, a prince, Q friend -in any weather; ror hi.m i.n ti.fe t see no tether. J{.e can open any ctoor. En;oy, you three, what tife has store. 1\iLL is not your typi.cGt ta4, and t don't think t've ever hGct A friend so of himseLf; it's part of what he's ti.vinq for . .ALberto is Q friend t'eL toast, a sma.rt ma.n, thoUCJh he'ct never bOClSt, And what a charminq ctinner host; his ~indness -it exu.ctes, outpours. These Euro-friencts 'Jive more, and more. t ~now there's no refutinq the tovety time t had commutinq, lVith M.iss Ann f.ecur ctrivi.nq, t stepped. foncU.y i.n her ctoor. And t thi.nk that t wiLL atways~now now ljooct Q friend t hGct i.n Chiou; t wiLL miss him when he CJoes, paf'tinCj for the Tai.wan snore-'TiLL then t nope to see him more. 1J you're fuLi.nq down and [ow, taCk Ernie -soon you'u. ~now That here you've 'JOt a friencl wno's la.UCJh's contaCJi.ous, and your spi.ri.ts soar. Overftows wUh warmth, compassion, does 'anet in her friendLy fashion, me she cti.ct not ration -la.tte, p£ease, Qnd more. Xatnr14n and .Lizzy these two maU four, 1'here's other too i.n 50£ -fleni, Tom, and R.ich are three lVho maU wor~inq here a p£.easure, more so than i.t was before. As ljreqarious a man you'u. never fi.nd, Shimon is the toqu.acious ~i.nd, And his is a mind; wor~ for him is not Q choret wish for hi.m success, and more.
doi:10.2172/5231875 fatcat:xmi3n6u4hrhmzjcp5ahmfjfmmq