The Quantum Mind/Classical Brain Problem

Alfredo Pereira
2007 NeuroQuantology  
The quantum theory of mind allows a shift from the Mind/Brain metaphysical problem to the Quantum Mind/Classical Brain scientific problem: how could systematic and coherent quantum processesassumed to be the physical support of our conscious experiences -occur in a macroscopic system as the brain? I discuss a solution based on a neurobiological model that attributes to quantum computation in intra-neuronal signal-transduction pathways the role of directly supporting phenomenal experience. In
more » ... l experience. In this model, quantum coherence is created or prepared by classical mechanisms as recurrent neuronal networks, oscillatory synchrony and gated membrane channels, thus avoiding common theoretical constraints for the existence of quantum communication and computation, as ultra-cold temperatures and quasi-isolation from the environment.
doi:10.14704/nq.2003.1.1.7 fatcat:juflvpgpbffwrn5gq6qrh27yvy