Magnetic Circuit Model for High-Efficiency Core Magnetized in High-Frequency Range

T. Hatakeyama, K. Nakamura
Nihon Jiki Gakkai ronbun tokushugo  
This paper presents a magnetic circuit model applicable for high-efficiency cores such as cores made from nanocrystalline soft magnetic material and ferrite. The conventional magnetic circuit model that considers the iron loss components needs data obtained from measuring DC hysteresis loops; however, this measurement is not easy in the case of high-efficiency cores. To tackle this issue, we propose a magnetic circuit model without the need for DC hysteresis loop data. With this method, a DC
more » ... teresis loop is modeled by subtracting eddy current loss and anomalous eddy current loss from a hysteresis loop at an arbitrary frequency. The proposed method was experimentally verified, and the results show that the calculated and measured iron loss values match.
doi:10.20819/msjtmsj.20tr401 fatcat:r7plnlukbjhkzjw4mcyn2z2ahy