A strategy for fair coexistence of loss and delay-based congestion control algorithms

Lukasz Budzisz, Rade Stanojevic, Robert Shorten, Fred Baker
2009 IEEE Communications Letters  
Delay-based TCP variants have attracted a large amount of attention in the networking community because of their ability to efficiently use network resources, control queuing delays, exhibit virtually zero packet loss, etc. One major issue that discourages the wider deployment of delay-based TCP variants is their inability to co-exist fairly with standard loss-based TCP. In this note we propose a simple mechanism that allows delayand loss-based (AIMD) TCP flows to compete fairly with each
more » ... Further, our approach ensures that delay-based flows automatically (and swiftly) switch to a low-delay regime if no lossbased flows are present. We provide analytical and simulation results to validate presented algorithm. Index Terms-Delay-based AIMD congestion control.
doi:10.1109/lcomm.2009.090305 fatcat:vfkbxx5ejfhjhkadvtyqrzpwjy