1920 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
After her delivery the patient was more comfortable, and the edema of both the vulva and the extremities, which had markedly decreased immediately after the puncture, rapidly disappeared. . The puerperium was uneventful. She left the hospital, March 13, in good physical condition, except for her cardiac disease. The interesting feature in the case was the onset of labor following the puncture of the edematous vulva, obviating the necessity for any intra-uterine manipulation to bring on labor. A
more » ... o bring on labor. A student, aged 22, during an attack of acute rhinitis, asked at a drug store for atropin tablets. He was given \m=1/4\ grain atropin sulphate dispensing tablets without assurance as to their intended use. He stated that he took one at 4 p. m. and that at 4:30 he noticed marked dryness of the nose and throat. This was followed in a short time by muscular weakness and dizziness. He took strong coffee and tea at 5 p. m.
doi:10.1001/jama.1920.26220290002010e fatcat:f247rngm6zan7bvi2m25sjx6x4