On Analyzing Delay Times of Kinematic Optical Measuring Systems with Quaternion-Algebra

Claudia Depenthal
Existing delay times in kinematic optical measuring systems will lead to deviations in spatiotemporal positioning. A time-referenced 4D test-and calibration system, existing by a rotating arm, will be used to the determination of the delay times. The modeling for the determination of the delay times is based on quaternion-algebra. The fundamental idea of modeling is equivalent to the fact that every test item's measurand, which is measured at a particular time, can be assigned to an explicit
more » ... d to an explicit spatiotemporal known position. In this respect some results of lasertracker delay time determinations will be shown.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000012308 fatcat:zrykpkrmwfahzh3xhecnz65nxi