Comparative study of the immunizing ability of some attenuated strains of sheep pox virus and of a sensitizing vaccine
Etude comparative du pouvoir immunisant de quelques souches atténuées de virus de la clavelée et d'un vaccin sensibilisé

H A Achour, R Bouguedour, A Bouhbal, A Guechtouli, M Aouissat
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The authors present the results of a study designed to compare the immunogenicity of several attenuated strains of sheep pox virus and a virus/immune serum vaccine. Two of the strains studied present immunogenic characteristics that make them particularly interesting for the manufacture of a vaccine. The first, named Djelfa, confers solid immunity to animals without provoking a vaccinal reaction; the second, known as Romania, can provide protection beyond twenty-four months, but causes
more » ... but causes persistent vaccinal lesions. In a country like Algeria, these two strains could be used for immunoprophylaxis of sheep pox: the first in those regions in which prevalence is low and sheep are vaccinated on a regular basis, and the second in regions of high prevalence where herds are moved to new pastures each season.
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