Eksplorasi Komunikasi Dakwah Interpersonal dalam al-Quran Surat Luqman

Nurfin Sihotang
Naturally, human being cannot live alone, because he requires others at surroundings. This sign shows that human is social creators who live together. Communication plays an important role of someone, groups, or organization to achieve the goals. Its main function is to create understanding, tools to interact and establish relationship with others. Interpersonal communication of da'wah (preaching) touches every aspects of human life. Life is communication because needs interaction with others;
more » ... ife is also preaching, because it must be based on the guidance of Allah. So that, guidance of Illahiyah must be communicated and preached to be polite, respectful, honest, and gentle in order to make the messages accepted by the people or society. It has been stated in the Qur'an. Kata Kunci: Komunikasi, Dakwah, Interpersonal, al-Quran  Nurfin Sihotang adalah Dosen Fakultas Dakwah dan Ilmu Komunikasi IAIN Padangsidimpuan alumni S-3 Universitas Alighar-India.