Observations of the comet of 1680. and 1681. made at the Colledg of Clermont, P. J. de Fontaney, è S. J. professor of Mathematicks. Printed at Paris 1681

1682 Philosophical Collections of the Royal Society of London  
Obferyations of the Come't of 1^80. and 16% 1. made at the Colledg of C lerm ont, hy P. J . de F onuney, e S. J . frofejjor o f M a t h e m a t i c k s. , Printed at Paris 1 81. T p H i s ingenious Author hasin alhort Difcburfe comprized! J all his oblervations and lentiments concerning the Co-n^t, which appeared in the latter end ofthe year 1680. and the beginning of 1681. Concerning the ftrft, which appeared iq N ovem ber, and wasfeen ia .E ngland, France, Germany, Italy andmoir parts of
more » ... dmoir parts of Europe, he has nothing offtis own Obfe vationV having attempted after he heard of it to dilcover itfeyeral mornings, but without fuccefs,. He therefore proceeds to the Obfervations ofthe lecond, which he firft mentions to have obfefved by l f t t n f e l f the i j», of, Dece notice that it had been feen,and at othertimes obferved carefub ly by others, v i z . by"P. Petrey at M adrid, the ro. by Cti ffins at P a m y t h t 12,b y U t .G a l l e t k A v i g n o n , th e re b y MarJeUes, the 14. by P . DesCartes zx N a n ts, the 17. and by A n g o zt La Fleche the lame day. The 16. of December he fays it wen by all Paris with great aftonilhment; and he leems tp believe it as prodigious as any had yet been leen both for its breadth and length. And though that of 1618. and 1610. was very ftrange, both for the length, bredth,andbrightnelsof its Blaze, which had the lucktobe oblerved by lo many excelmen,; yet he conceives that this appearance had many things notlefsfurprizing, its length about 5. a clock that Evemng being about 70. degrees, itsbredthinthe middle about 2. and at the upper end about 3. degrees, full like a Rainbow, reddilhand a little bended towards the Weft; it paft through the Eagle, D art, and left wing of the Swan, covering tliMouthern Star in the neck of the Eagle.
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