Studies on Analysis of Sodium Sulfide

1956 Bunseki Kagaku  
Analysis of commercial sodium sulfide is carried out as follows: (1). Iodometric titration of total sulfide, SO32-and S2O32-. (2). Removal of SO32-by BaCl2 and titration of total sulfide and S2O32by iodometric methcd. (3). Removal of total sulfide and SO32-by freshly prepared CdCO3, and formalin and titration of S2O32-by iodometric method. (4). Titration of Na2S, Na2S2, NaOH, Na2CO3, etc. with the standard acid. (5). Revoval of CO32-by BaCl2 and titration of Na2S, Na2S2 and NaOH with the
more » ... d acid. (6). Conversion of Na2S2 to Na2S2O3 with the use of Na2SO3 and determination of polysulfide under (3). ( 7 ). Usual gravimetric determination of SiO2. (8). Determination of water by a distillation method. Calculation of the contents of Na2S, polysulfide S, NaSH, Na2SO3, Na2S2O3, NaOH, carbonate, Na2SiO3 and water is made from the above procedures. The contents of Fe, Mg, Al and ammoniacal-N etc. were very small in amount and those were negligible.
doi:10.2116/bunsekikagaku.5.684 fatcat:uysyh6enszh77bjiou7muaeboy