Professionalism Urgency in Zakat Management to Increase Amil Welfare And Performance

Dr. Ichsan Iqbal
2020 Zenodo  
Compensation/reward is given as a part of the evaluation of employee's contributions, both directly and indirectly, fairly and wisely. The reward/compensation is necessary for Amil Zakat Institution to attract potential applicants while keeping good employees, as well as to achieve a competitive advantage, increase productivity, and make payments according to the law, facilitate strategic objective, determine and strengthen the organization's structure. Communication is an important aspect of
more » ... il Zakat Institution. It has a big impact and should be ethical. Among the impacts are changing people's opinions and determining whether a person is good or bad; good communication allows psychological comfort for both its communicator and the communicant at the same time and a message that is delivered in optimism manner can encourage enthusiasm in making changes. Amil Zakat Institution uses task analysis to determine the training needs for the new employees. While for old employees, performance analysis is used as a verification process to find performance deficiency and to specify training needed to improve the flaw.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4922575 fatcat:r4fvjj4ffve5zkaunzxsck2oi4