Self-consistent quantum-kinetic theory for interplay between pulsed-laser excitation and nonlinear carrier transport in a quantum-wire array

Jeremy R. Gulley, Danhong Huang
2019 Optics Express  
We propose a self-consistent many-body theory for coupling the ultrafast dipoletransition and carrier-plasma dynamics in a linear array of quantum wires with the scattering and absorption of ultrashort laser pulses. The quantum-wire non-thermal carrier occupations are further driven by an applied DC electric field along the wires in the presence of resistive forces from intrinsic phonon and Coulomb scattering of photo-excited carriers. The same strong DC field greatly modifies the
more » ... s the non-equilibrium properties of the induced electron-hole plasma coupled to the propagating light pulse, while the induced longitudinal polarization fields of each wire significantly alters the nonlocal optical response from neighboring wires. Here, we clarify several fundamental physics issues in this laser-coupled quantum wire system, including laser pulse influence on local transient photo-currents, photoluminescence spectra, and the effect of nonlinear transport in a micro-scale system on laser pulse propagation. Meanwhile, we also anticipate some applications from this work, such as specifying the best combination of pulse sequence through a quantum-wire array to generate a desired THz spectrum and applying ultra-fast optical modulations to nonlinear carrier transport in nanowires.
doi:10.1364/oe.27.017154 fatcat:fyp23k7mybcnfgudee2edyercm