Loxoprofen inhibits facilitated micturition reflex induced by acetic acid urinary bladder infusion of the rats

Sachiyo SHINOZAKI, Motoaki SAITO, Masahito KAWATANI
2005 Biomedical research  
Prostaglandins (PGs) are well known as one of the chemical mediators of infl ammation. Nonsteroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs (NSAIDs), PG synthesis inhibitors, are used for anti-nociception and/or anti-infl ammation. We examine the effect of loxoprofen, an NSAID, on micturiton in acetic acid-induced bladder infl ammation of the rats. In cystometrogram study with saline infusion into the urinary bladder, loxoprofen did not alter the interval of bladder contraction (IC, 107% of the control). IC
more » ... s shortened by acetic acid infusion (65% of the control) and loxoprofen prolonged the IC (162% of acetic acid infused period). This prolonged IC was approximately same as the control. Loxoprofen did not alter the threshold pressure and the maximal voiding pressure. These data suggest that PGE 2 might not play a part of normal micturition and may play a part of the micturition refl ex during acetic acid infusion. That is, loxoprofen might be useful for pathological hyperrefl ex of the micturition.
doi:10.2220/biomedres.26.29 pmid:15806981 fatcat:7wqm5255bfeljkfbdlug6ngce4