Development of Superconducting Cables in Overseas Countries

2013 TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan)  
Synopsis: High T c superconducting (HTS) Cables are expected as a new technology to transmit large amount of electricity in a compact size with lower loss. There are many projects to demonstrate their performance and reliability in the grid around the world. Demonstrations of the cables include those with up to 275 kV in voltage and up to DC 10 kA in current. Maximum capacity is more than 1 GVA and length is in the km order. Therefore, their commercialization is expected to occur in the near
more » ... ure. This report shows the present development status of HTS cables outside Japan in the USA, Europe, Korea and China.
doi:10.2221/jcsj.48.539 fatcat:n2xjtlkemvdsrlycdybn3u4f3u