Multi-Agent Big-Data Lambda Architecture Model for E-Commerce Analytics

Gautam Pal, Gangmin Li, Katie Atkinson
2018 Data  
We study big-data hybrid-data-processing lambda architecture, which consolidates low-latency real-time frameworks with high-throughput Hadoop-batch frameworks over a massively distributed setup. In particular, real-time and batch-processing engines act as autonomous multi-agent systems in collaboration. We propose a Multi-Agent Lambda Architecture (MALA) for e-commerce data analytics. We address the high-latency problem of Hadoop MapReduce jobs by simultaneous processing at the speed layer to
more » ... he speed layer to the requests which require a quick turnaround time. At the same time, the batch layer in parallel provides comprehensive coverage of data by intelligent blending of stream and historical data through the weighted voting method. The cold-start problem of streaming services is addressed through the initial offset from historical batch data. Challenges of high-velocity data ingestion is resolved with distributed message queues. A proposed multi-agent decision-maker component is placed at the MALA stack as the gateway of the data pipeline. We prove efficiency of our batch model by implementing an array of features for an e-commerce site. The novelty of the model and its key significance is a scheme for multi-agent interaction between batch and real-time agents to produce deeper insights at low latency and at significantly lower costs. Hence, the proposed system is highly appealing for applications involving big data and caters to high-velocity streaming ingestion and a massive data pool.
doi:10.3390/data3040058 fatcat:6hcmxxlxvvdwfpuail7y3nyzju