Fourteen Points: A Framework for the Analysis of Counterinsurgency, [report]

Douglas S. Blaufarb, George K. Tanham
1984 unpublished
This study was prepared by Douglas S. Blaufarb and Dr. George.K. Tanham. ,Since it covers a wide range of countries over about four decades of time, the authors believe they owe the reader some indication of the scope of the research involved in its preparation. This research was of two types. First -and perhaps in this case "research" is not the accurate word -both authors have had considerable personal experience in several of the countries and counterinsurgency efforts covered. One or both
more » ... us spent many years in or involved operationally with Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaya, Burma-and Laos, all of which have been confronted with insurgencies during our years of involvement. Unfortunately, this experience did not extend to any part of Latin America but in those countries where we served the work we did and the experiences we lived through provided insights which, we believe, were very helpful in coming to grips with the problems posed by this study. They supplied background which was considerably more vivid and meaningful than that provided by research in written materials. The second type of research undertaken has .been in secondary sourcesbooks, articles, studies, unclassified government reports and the like. In most cases we found the available secondary materials to be adequate to our purposes. The exceptions were in Colombia, Guatemala. and, to a lesser extent, Venezuela. When it came to describing and analyzing the insurgencies and the counterinsurgency efforts undertaken in those three countries, we found gaps we were not able to fill-and have so stated in our reports on them. Undoubtedly, if we had access to contemporary newspapers, periodicals and government reports we could have filled the gaps. The time available for this study, however, as well as the wide scope of the material to be covered would not have permitted that depth of primary research in any case. The interested reader will find in the endnotes and the bibliography a list of the sources we did consult.
doi:10.21236/ada368093 fatcat:ghxzayq3ibeetjwzpzhqhh2eim