Scattering phases for meson and baryon resonances on general moving-frame lattices

M. Göckeler, R. Horsley, M. Lage, U.-G. Meißner, P. E. L. Rakow, A. Rusetsky, G. Schierholz, J. M. Zanotti
2012 Physical Review D  
A proposal by L\"uscher enables one to compute the scattering phases of elastic two-body systems from the energy levels of the lattice Hamiltonian in a finite volume. In this work we generalize the formalism to S--, P-- and D--wave meson and baryon resonances, and general total momenta. Employing nonvanishing momenta has several advantages, among them making a wider range of energy levels accessible on a single lattice volume and shifting the level crossing to smaller values of $m_\pi L$.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.86.094513 fatcat:gjf2txuw3nfv3ntf3z6fcgplrm