Galaxy Mergers in a Cosmological Context [dataset]

Ivayla Kalcheva
2014 Figshare  
Interacting Galaxies? When the vast distances to galaxies were understood in the 20th century, galaxies were considered to be forming and evolving in isolation [1] . However, irregulars were discovered that did not fit anywhere on the Hubble "tuning fork" [2] . In an early general description of the classification program -Galaxies (1943), Shapley suggested that these "frankly pathological types" of deformed galaxies might be due to collisions. His comment was based on Holmberg's (1941) paper
more » ... rg's (1941) paper -the first to present models of galaxy interactions [2] . Using an analogue computer made of photocells and bulbs, where the 1/r 2 intensity falloff represented gravitational forces, Holmberg demonstrated that the expected tidal deformations could be explained via galaxy collisions [2] . Afterwards, studies of galaxy interactions and mergers became central to the understanding of galaxy evolutionthe early highlights being H.
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